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Skilling young people for their futures.

Anna is currently the Lead Investigator on the ARC Linkage Project "Vital Arts".​The skills and experiences of young people in arts programs will be captured and accredited as part of a new collaborative research project funded by the Australian Research Council. “Vital Arts: Skilling young people for the future” is a joint project with researchers at RMIT, Deakin University, RMIT Vietnam, and the Australia Council for the Arts that will engage with a range of partners across the youth arts sector to build micro-credentials that recognise the employable skills developed through youth arts activities, creating new pathways to employment in COVID-19 recession.  ​The project has been awarded $900,000 over three years and will partner with the Australia Council for the Arts, The Push, The Australian Theatre for Young People, the Centre for Multicultural Youth, Future Foundations, Back to Back Theatre, and Work Advance.

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