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Anna is interested in supervising projects about youth digital cultures, youth, religion and sexuality, digital inclusion and disability,  decolonizing the internet and creative cultural production.

PhD Supervision: Text


Marissa Willcox is a final year PhD candidate in DERC. Her research looks at how feminist and queer Instagram artists use social media to create belonging.

Caitlin McGrane is a PhD candidate in the Digital Ethnography Research Centre at RMIT University. My doctoral thesis investigates how women feel about their smartphones tracking them everywhere they go.

Divya Garg is a PhD candidate in the School of Media and Communication, RMIT. She is researching disability in Marvel fandom, global fan cultures and experiences.

Sophie Hartley is a PhD candidate in ADM+S and DERC. Her thesis examines Non-Violent Activism in Australia: Blockchain and other forms of online environmental practice.

Gabrielle (G.K)  Stewart is a PhD candidate in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University. Their research project transverses the boundaries between the real and the virtual through exploring the digital self on Tik Tok.

PhD Supervision: About


Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy:

·       Nancy Lee

·       Amba Sayal-Bennett

·       Kyra Clark

·       Clare Stanhope

·       Elizabeth Bainbridge

·       Angela Giggliotti

·       Caesar Morales

·       Camilla Stanger

Master of Arts:

·       Mian Liu 

·       Valia Priona

·       Peny Dedoglou

Anna, Marissa, Caitlin, Divya, Sophie
Divya, Anna, Gabby, Sophie, Caitlin
Lucian, Anna, Marissa
PhD Supervision: About
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