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Arts and Research-Activism for Addressing Sexual Harassment in Pre-Teen Peer Cultures

The Academy of Finland funded gender studies research project Mapping, making & mattering: Arts and research-activism for addressing sexual harassment in pre-teen peer cultures (2019-2023) will bring together arts-based, research activist and feminist new materialist and posthuman methodologies to investigate and address sexual harassment and to co-create possibilities for ethically sustainable change in the peer cultures of pre-teen children.
In collaboration with ‘multi-agency assemblages’ of artists, scholars, teachers and children, the research team will co-compose arts-based workshops for addressing and communicating experiences of sexual harassment. A children’s conference will be organized where those experiences will then continue to be shared, sensed and felt by other children, teachers, academics and decision makers so as to potentially effect processes of change.
The research will be reported for both academic and public audiences through articles, policy briefings and multimedia presentations showcasing the children’s expressions and experiences related to gendered and sexual harassment in their peer cultures.

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