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Professor Anna Hickey-Moody is an intersectional feminist scholar, writer and creative. Her research focuses on understanding youth cultures, particularly in relation to gender, sex, race, disability, class and religion. Anna has undertaken qualitative and quantitative empirical research in Europe, the U.K and Australia. Her research has been funded by Enterprise Ireland, the Australian Research Council, the Australian Academy for the Humanities, The Arts Council UK, The Canada Research Council, The European COST Network IS1307, School Focused Youth Services, Darebin City Council Youth Services and a range of other partners. 

Anna is the author of eight books, most recently the critically acclaimed Faith Stories (2023 MUP), the co-written Childhood, Citizenship and the Anthropocene (2022 R&L) and Arts-Based  Methods for Research with Children (2021 Palgrave). Her book Deleuze and Masculinity (2019) is the first full length exploration of Deleuze’s philosophy in relation to masculinity. Her co-written essay on Geophilosophies of Masculinity (2005) won the annual Taylor and Francis editor’s choice award for philosophy essays.


Anna’s essays and poems have appeared in journals such as Philosophy Today, Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, Voiceworks, RealTime, Lowdown, The Conversation and numerous edited collections. Her arts-based research outputs have been exhibited in the Whitworth Museum (Manchester), P21 Gallery (London), the Migration Museum (Adelaide), Project Space (Melbourne), St James Hatcham Gallery (Goldsmiths, London) and at numerous community arts and performing arts events.


She has been an invited keynote at arts based research conferences in Europe, England, New Zealand, Singapore, and North America. Her media engagements include her research being featured on God Forbid (Radio National), The World Today and ABC Adelaide. Anna is a Professor of Intersectional Humanities at Maynooth, National Univeristy of Ireland and Professor of Media and Communication at RMIT University, Melbourne.


Media Studies, Maynooth Univeristy, Maynooth Ireland 

+61 0416 452 466

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